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News: Announcing the debut CD ‘Like The River’

15th March 2016

Like The River explores politics, nature and family and has folk, rock and classical influences. To get your own copy, simply contact us or send us a message/post on our Facebook Page and we’ll get back to you asap!!

News: Book you tickets for Rain on Water

9th March 2016

Rain on Water is a new play about the five women who first protested against nuclear weapons at RAF Greenham Common. Read more here or book your tickets here.


As The Crow Flys folkish sounds are written by Clive Mills and Jane Clarke.

'Folkish ?' I hear you ask - Contemporary Folk blended together with touches of Rock, Jazz and Classical styles. Jane and Clive's subject matter is sometimes the usual songwriters fodder of love but, in true folk tradition, they are also inspired by life events, their families, environmental or political issues and justice.
At times light hearted, sometimes gentle or powerful, beautifully arranged and timeless.

At the heart of Jane and Clive's songwriting partnership of 30 years is friendship.

As The Crow Flys music is brought to life by virtuoso guitarist Clive Mills (electric, acoustic and classical), impassioned vocals and piano playing of Jane Clarke and exquisite violin melodies played by Angela Pulsford. Occasionally they are joined with backing vocals and cello by Ellie White, but as she is currently otherwise engaged in producing a new human being, Elisheba Stevens currently brings to the band her cellist skills. Michael Gregory (drums) and Graeme Taylor (bass and mandolin) provided the sensitive rhythm section on As The Crow Flys recent album - Like The River.

Recording the aforementioned album at Graeme Taylor's Studio was a totally joyous experience and the completion was well timed with the first short run of 'Rain on Water', a play featuring the music of As The Crow Flys on 20th-22nd March, 2016. (Do take a look at our page about the play before leaving our website!)

As The Crow Flys has taken many forms over the years, starting life as a Folk Rock band performing around London and the South east of England. Since working with violinist Angela Pulsford (which led onto developing a role for the cello) this ensemble is for Jane and Clive, the most musically satisfying.

We are in the process of setting up a series of gig’s, the dates and venues will be on this website and Facebook page as soon as details are all finalised. Do take a look at our other pages……have a listen to our album (and maybe buy one!) and look out for the play - Rain On Water.


Jane Clarke
Composition, Vocals, Piano and Tin Whistle
Clive Mills
Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitars
Angela Pulsford
Ellie White
Graeme Taylor
Bass Guitar and Mandolin
Michael Gregory
Drums and Percussion

As The Crow Flys - Rain On Water - Play
October 2014, As The Crow Flys performed a gig in Hemel Hempstead and in the audience was Mike Hadjipeteras.  Having heard the band perform their song ‘Swimming’, Mike put pen to paper and wrote by hand a play about the Women Of Greenham Common.  He had wanted to write about the extraordinary events at the peacecamp for quite a while and he could envisage how special this work could become, by having the music of As The Crow Flys performed through the play.  Not a musical you understand, but a play with music interwoven through it.
Not only was the play written with As The Crow Flys music in mind, but Mike asked Jane and her daughter Hanna to play the part of one of the central characters, coincidentally  also called Hannah. Jane playing the character in the present day and Hanna, thirty years earlier.  An extraordinary experience for mother and daughter.  
Here is the speech which Jane was invited to write and performed to set the scene at the start of the play - 
My name is Hannah and in the 1980's I was a young wife and mother, living in Wales.  And the world, as ever, was changing.
The true horrors of the USA's nuclear bomb attacks on Japan at the end of the 2nd world war had become common knowledge and we, like so many, were horrified by it.  So my husband Jeff and I were fully paid up, active supporters of CND, the campaign for nuclear disarmament.
When we learned that the Americans were to install nuclear missiles at RAF Greenham, an area I knew well as I'd grown up there, I was incensed. We couldn't believe that our government had agreed to these awful, hideous weapons being brought anywhere near us or those we cared for.
A group of us decided to walk as a protest, from Wales to RAF Greenham.  We called ourselves 'Women for life on Earth' and together we aimed to make it clear that we wanted peace and these bombs could never play a part in that.
(Older Hannah sees the Young Hannah walk on stage and we are taken back thirty years). 
And there I am……….all those year ago.
We arrived at Greenham 
We had no idea what would happen, but we were determined to be heard. 


Like The River

This is the debut album of As The Crow Flys.

For the band it is a labour of love.
Recorded by the brilliant musician Graeme Taylor at his Morden Shoals Studio, it features thirteen original tracks written/arranged by Jane Clarke and Clive Mills and performed by the band -
Clive Mills - electric, acoustic and classical guitar
Jane Clarke - piano, vocals, penny whistle
Angela Puslford - violin
Ellie White - ‘cello
Graeme taylor - bass and mandolin
Michael Gregory - drums and percussion
So many of the songs featured water…..'Swimming at The Seaside in Denmark’, ‘Small Boats’, ‘Rain On Water’ (also the title of the new play by Mike Hadjipateras, which features some of our music)……so it seemed logical that the album title should have a similar theme.  It was Clive that came up with ‘Like The River’.
The watery subject matter carried on to the photo shoot for the album artwork, so the front cover is the image of Clive, Angela and Jane reflected in the water of the Grand Union Canal.  The back cover also shows us in the water ripples and on the actual disc itself shows flotsam on the canal.  
We would love you to have a listen and maybe buy an album, either by download or if you like to have an actual CD in your hand, you can get that too.

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